Clarification Order: Blogging about research

A few days ago I proposed that the SLP blogger community blog about research. You can read about it here. I wanted to clarify a few things based on questions or comments I’ve received. The most frequent comment I have gotten from people is that they hope they have the stamina to keep up or participate. So now that I’ve had a few days to think about it, and I’m not blogging off the cuff, let me clarify a few things.

First of all, the idea is that we as a community have greater exposure to research. I’m not the first to admit that my bedtime reading isn’t journal articles. These articles are dense and it’s a lot to think about. Reading 12 articles a month could be challenging. However, reading 12 discussions of articles wouldn’t be as challenging. I’m not trying to create a method so we read less articles. In fact, the goal is that we ultimately read more. If we are reading (or even scanning) more discussions of articles then we will those ideas in the back of our mind. The next time we get a client that pertains to one of those articles, hopefully our brain will recall the discussion we read and perhaps go read the article.

So those that participate will commit to reading one article a month and write a blog post discussing the article. Your response can vary. I listed a few ideas for responding in my original post. You don’t need to email me beforehand with the article you are reading. If 5 people post on the same article, that will be telling. And it’s likely that those 5 people will have different things to say. The idea here is to discuss research and increase the community’s exposure to it.

After you read the article and write your blog post, publish it on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. (I will send reminders.) Then email me with the link when you publish. I will create a master list of all the research article blog posts and publish on the following Thursday. This will hopefully start a discussion (and bring more traffic to your site).

I have 8 people who have emailed me to say they will participate. I sent them an email on May 24th. If you didn’t get the email and you want to participate, email me at

Also, kudos to The Speech Dudes for their blog post discussing the use of research within our practice.

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4 thoughts on “Clarification Order: Blogging about research

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