Blogging about Research #SLPBloggers June Edition

It was torture for me to watch emails come in all day of people telling me that they had posted their blog about research. My day was so busy. It was nearly 10:00pm on Tuesday before I started reading the posts. Talk about anticipation!

So in no particular order, I give you the #SLPBloggers blog about research – June edition.

  • Abby, a school-based SLP over at School House Talk, wrote about research regarding the use of biofeedback with children with goals to produce “r” when typical methods have not been successful. 
  • Harmony, a Aussie SLP and new to the blogging world, wrote about an article that researched the use of AAC with children with communication deficits as well as behavior challenges. The research investigated the relationship between challenging behaviors and AAC use.
  • Katie, an SLP finishing up graduate school before she heads off to Alaska for her CFY, blogged about research regarding phonemic awareness in graduate students.
  • Mary, an SLP who blogs over at Speech Adventures, reviewed an article reporting the connection between speech sound disorders and phonological awareness in children.
  • Tiffani, an SLP in the hospital setting, wrote a blog post reviewing usual care in dysphagia rehabilitation.
  • Rachel (that’s me!) reviewed an article regarding the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment.
  • Aubrey, an SLP fresh out of graduate school and newly to Kansas, posted a blog about the use of Twitter in academic programs.
  • Cyndee, an SLP with a private practice in Florida, reviews a dysphagia textbook with new information regarding NMES.
  • Phil, an SLP in the hospital setting, reviewed an article in conjunction with his recent conference experience regarding oral care in the acute setting.
  • Chris reviewed an article about peer led aphasia groups.

Thanks so much to everyone that participated! Check out all the blog posts above. I commented on them. We’d appreciate your comments. Help us continue the conversation about research.

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11 thoughts on “Blogging about Research #SLPBloggers June Edition

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  2. This is such a fantastic idea! I can’t wait to take part in coming months, and really looking forward to making my way through this list, too! (I just blogged about this on my own blog, too, in case any of my readers love research as much as your group does. I know I do!!!)
    Wide World of Speech Therapy

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